Renewed Passion For Jewelry — 16 Comments

  1. true! jewelries – I consider them as a timeless investment. I do collect them too, I fancy about real gems, gold metals and diamonds, how i wish I can win the lottery to buy a blue diamond lol

  2. I don’t think I have a real jewelry besides the engagement ring and wedding ring, the latter I lost! I have been thinking of starting a collection but I guess I do not have the financial capabilities at the moment.

  3. Oh my! And I am the complete opposite! I am not a fan of jewelry so I really can’t relate. Me thinks I am the only woman who does not have any jewelry on! 🙂 Good luck on your passion and endeavour!

  4. my husband and I believe that these are indeed investments! once a year we buy one every chinese new year coz they say it is lucky when you buy gold hehe

  5. oh, how i wish you could show us your fabulous collection! it may arouse my long lost interest in real jewelry too. i am so into cheap jewelry nowadays, no value at all. LOL

  6. ” we have to spend money to make money” – hahaha, agreeing with you, that is helping the economy!! though of course we take care of our savings too, but our economy needs us too so we can keep our jobs 🙂 haha!

  7. @ joy
    I’m with you, Joy. I love, love, love real gems and precious metals. Btw, I have a (deep) blue diamond ring 🙂

    @ Cherry
    Thanks for your interest, and yes, if there’s a way I can do it privately, I’d be very much willing to. I don’t want to be misconstrued as showing off if I do it on a blog post. 🙂

  8. I just can imagine your jewelry collections Juliana. I bet it’s worth a fortune. I only have a few gold and silver jewelries and I seldom wear it. More often than not, I wear fashionable jewelries.

  9. Very true! I think spending a lot on precious gems like jewelry are worth it! Because even if you won’t wear them, their value continue to appreciate as time go by.

  10. They also said collecting Jewelries is investment. Me too, I just got the interest last Decemeber, I have one now and I am planning to add more hehehe.

  11. I’ll have to bear this in mind, Te J. Better to spend on something that’s timeless. The value appreciates and it’s indeed one good investment. I love how you said it: We have to spend money to make money. So true indeed! 😉

  12. I planned to make a business before related to making and selling jewelry but it doesn’t work to me. But I love wearing it. <3

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